do you guys ever think about dying?

a pink cocktail in a coupe glass is surrounded by grapefruit slices, a bottle of Hotel Starlino Rosé Aperitivo, a mason jar filled with deep pink liquid, peppercorns, and grapefruit, a jar of Ole Smoky Moonshine, and miniature disco balls and scattered pink peppercorns

Pink Peppercorn + grapefruit infused moonshine


Hotel Starlino Rosé Aperitivo

pink peppercorn + grapefruit moonshine


📆 (5 days pre-cocktail– plan accordingly!)

    • 1/4 cup pink peppercorns
    • 1 large grapefruit
    • 1.5 cups moonshine


    Using a y-peeler, peel the skin of the grapefruit in continuous strips (wherever they break is ok!), being careful to only take off the skin and as little of the white pith as possible. Reserve grapefruit for cocktail assembly.

    (🧠 tip: wrap the peeled grapefruit in plastic before putting it in the fridge to make sure it doesn’t dry out)


    In a 16 oz mason jar combine peppercorns, grapefruit skin, and moonshine. Close with a tight fitting lid and shake to combine. Place in a cool, dark place to infuse over 5 days, giving it a good shake once a day.


    Before using, strain with a fine mesh cocktail strainer and use the back of a spoon to gently push on the solids.

    makes enough for ~6 “do you guys ever think about dying”s

    do you guys ever think about dying?


    ⏲️ 5 min

    • 1.5 oz pink peppercorn + grapefruit moonshine
    • 1.5 oz hotel starlino rosé aperitivo
    • 1 oz grapefruit juice (from reserved grapefruit)
    • 1 oz simple syrup


    to a shaker full of ice, add moonshine, aperitivo, grapefruit juice, and simple syrup. shake until the outside of the shaker is too cold to hold. strain into a coupe glass and garnish with a slice or twist of grapefruit.


    ↔️ substitutions + suggestions

    • can’t find rosé aperitivo?
      • aperol
      • campari
    • moonshine?
      • vodka
    • prefer a spritz?
      • 1 oz pink peppercorn + grapefruit moonshine
        1 oz hotel starlino rosé aperitivo
        1 oz grapefruit juice
        4 oz rosé prosecco
    • n/a spritz
      • steep the pink peppercorn + grapefruit in a 1:1 simple syrup instead and mix with sparkling water or sparkling lemonade